September 2, 2017

Red Carpet Art Exhbit - Los Angeles, CA

mixed media w/ collage
© 2014 Gary A. Bibb  

A Red Carpet art exhibit and reception was presented by the Touchon & Co. Gallery and Bullet Entertainment Studios (a film industry production company) in Los Angeles, CA. Several hundred members of the Hollywood film industry (producers, directors, actors, etc.) were in attendance at the special event on August 5, 2017. The exhibit remains on view at the gallery and is open to the public. Several of Gary A. Bibb's artworks are part of this exhibition.

From the press release: The red carpet will host several film celebrities and art collectors with featured artists such as Zach Touchon, Tadeusz Torzecki, Gary Bibb, Assif Assefi, Martin Wolfe and other various prominent and emerging artists for a night of special viewing.

 Photo: Touchon & Co. Gallery

mixed media w/ collage on canvas
© 2012 Gary A. Bibb 

It's always good to be displayed by the cocktail and caterer's area - draws a crowd.

Hollywood likes to mingle and connect, especially when they feel comfortable - away from the paparazzi.

Photos: Touchon & Co. Gallery

mixed media w/ collage on canvas
© 2012 Gary A. Bibb 

Photos: Touchon & Co. Gallery 

September 1, 2017

International Art Exhibit - Finland

mixed media w/ collage
© 2017 Gary A. Bibb

"100 Years of Freedom" - an international art exhibit celebrating the first centennial of Finnish independence. The exhibition will be presented at the Main Library Gallery in Pälkäne, Finland.

Exhibit Calendar: November 2017 


Photos: Pälkäne Main Library

Note: The exhibition prospectus requested all artists to use a horizontal orientation for the artworks. It is very unusual for me to create in this manner due to my vertical preference but I couldn't pass up the opportunity (perhaps once in a lifetime) to exhibit in Finland.

August 2, 2017

Art Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA

"Chronic Inflammation / Divine Healing"
mixed media w/ collage
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb  

Hoyt Gallery at the Keck School of Medicine (University of Southern California) in Los Angeles, CA presents “PAIN 2”, an international exhibition featuring artworks depicting physical and mental pain. "Our hope is this exhibit will give medical students a visual representation of what their future patients will be going though. We want them to see their patients as people, not just symptoms." I also participated in the first "PAIN" exhibit (2014) at UCLA. For info click here.

Exhibition Calendar:  September 1 – Oct 27, 2017

Photo: Keck School of Medicine, USC

Hoyt Gallery (Not the actual Pain 2 exhibit)
Photo: Ricardo Carrasco III

-   -   -

I was discussing my process of creating artwork with one of my collectors and decided to produce a short series of photos which provide a glimpse into the various stages. Each piece is a result of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of decisions and changes, some very subtle, others dramatic. Sometimes I begin with a quick drawing using pencil or watercolor marker (as in this artwork). More frequently I start by applying paint or collaged elements then use various media and techniques to bring the piece to resolution. This small artwork required approximately 26 actual working hours over a period of 3 days. (The slideshow loop is in 10 second intervals.)

"Chronic Inflammation / Divine Healing"
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb   

July 14, 2017

International Art Exhibit - Germany

"Lumini Veritatis: The Reformation Illumination"
mixed media w/ collage
© 2017 Gary A. Bibb   

In the year 1517, clergyman Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This document was a list of theological issues he had with the prescribed teachings of the Church of Rome, beginning what has come to be known as the Protestant Reformation. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of this event, an international exhibition in honor of Martin Luther is being hosted in Germany. 

The exhibit will be presented during the autumn of 2017. An organizing committee is currently negotiating with venues to select a location for the exhibition and details will be posted when available. 

June 21, 2017

Indonesia Art Exhibition

mixed media w/ collage
© 2017 Gary A. Bibb 

An international art exhibit will be presented at Palangkaraya, Indonesia which is on the island commonly known as Borneo. The city name Palangkaraya, translates from the local language into English as a "vast sacred site" and furthermore informs the theme of this exhibition, which is "Storytelling".

The exhibit will travel to 3 different venues throughout the region during the summer of 2017. The venues are: Studio Kurik Art Gallery, Kopihan Coffee House & Art Gallery and Rahan Untung (The Floating Cafe).

Exhibition Calendar: July thru September 2017.

Studio Kurik Art Gallery -

Kopihan Coffee House & Art Gallery -

Rahan Untung (The Floating Cafe) -

(Photos courtesy the respective venues). 

March 5, 2017

Art Exhibition - Germany

"ab ovo" (from the egg)
mixed media w/ collage
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb 

Exhibition Statement: EiBrot, a tribute to eggs on bread all over the world. 

The only thing that is important is the aesthetics, the colors, the proportions and the composition of the Egg Sandwich. Apart from that the Egg Sandwich will not change anything, it will not criticize anything and it want´s no discussion. In this project the egg is not a symbol of beginning life, the bread is not a symbol for the human being or man-made things or even a divine symbol, the eating of the Egg Sandwich is not a vanitas motif. It´s not erotic and it´s not political. An Egg Sandwich is a bread with an egg on it, a little piece of artwork, beautiful and delicious - and nothing else.

Osnabrueck, Germany

Exhibit Calendar: May 14 - July 9, 2017


photos:  StadtGalerie

February 1, 2017

Balikesir University - Turkey

"Tour de Dada" 
digital collage
© 2016 Jack the Hack (aka Gary A. Bibb)

International exhibit: Bicycle and Tourism
Balikesir University
Balikesir, Turkey 

The exhibition calendar:  May 2017

photo: Balikesir University