June 21, 2017

Indonesia Art Exhibition

mixed media w/ collage
© 2017 Gary A. Bibb 

An international art exhibit will be presented at Palangkaraya, Indonesia which is on the island commonly known as Borneo. The city name Palangkaraya, translates from the local language into English as a "vast sacred site" and furthermore informs the theme of this exhibition, which is "Storytelling".

The exhibit will travel to 3 different venues throughout the region during the summer of 2017. The venues are: Studio Kurik Art Gallery, Kopihan Coffee House & Art Gallery and Rahan Untung (The Floating Cafe).

Exhibition Calendar: July thru September 2017.

Studio Kurik Art Gallery -

Kopihan Coffee House & Art Gallery -

Rahan Untung (The Floating Cafe) -

(Photos courtesy the respective venues). 

March 5, 2017

Art Exhibition - Germany

"ab ovo" (from the egg)
mixed media w/ collage
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb 

Exhibition Statement: EiBrot, a tribute to eggs on bread all over the world. 

The only thing that is important is the aesthetics, the colors, the proportions and the composition of the Egg Sandwich. Apart from that the Egg Sandwich will not change anything, it will not criticize anything and it want´s no discussion. In this project the egg is not a symbol of beginning life, the bread is not a symbol for the human being or man-made things or even a divine symbol, the eating of the Egg Sandwich is not a vanitas motif. It´s not erotic and it´s not political. An Egg Sandwich is a bread with an egg on it, a little piece of artwork, beautiful and delicious - and nothing else.

Osnabrueck, Germany

Exhibit Calendar: May 14 - July 9, 2017


photos:  StadtGalerie

February 1, 2017

Balikesir University - Turkey

"Tour de Dada" 
digital collage
© 2016 Jack the Hack (aka Gary A. Bibb)

International exhibit: Bicycle and Tourism
Balikesir University
Balikesir, Turkey 

The exhibition calendar:  May 2017

photo: Balikesir University

January 3, 2017

Lycoming College - PA, USA

"Kouspar (Backlit by Grace)" 
mixed media w/ collage
 © 2016 Gary A. Bibb 

A special event to help the homeless is being presented by Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA. The theme is centered on the Hans Christian Andersen short story - The Little Match Girl, with a presentation of David Lang's 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning musical score which interprets the tragic and yet inspirational story.

photo: Lycoming College

January 1, 2017

International Art Exhibit - Spain

mixed media w/ collage on paper
© 2016 Gary A. Bibb  

Espres Art Project: Happiness (a state of mind, an attitude).
International artists were invited to create an image of happiness and submit the artworks to the project. 

The exhibition will be presented at the Cultural Center Almoradi in Alicante, Spain.

Exhibit calendar: February 2017


photos: Cultural Center Almoradi


November 3, 2016

International Art Exhibit - As Suwayda, Syria

"The Fervent Prayer"
digital collage
© 2016 Jack the Hack (aka Gary A. Bibb)

An art exhibition entitled ‘Your Voice’ will take place in As Suwayda, Syria (a dangerous sanctuary town for those seeking refuge from the war). The established date of November 25, 2016 coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This artwork was created as an effort to encourage and support women (and indeed, all people) under oppression.

map: worldatlas


November 1, 2016

Art Exhibition - Oklahoma City, USA

 mixed media w/ collage
 (antique & contemporary papers)
  © 2016 Gary A. Bibb

The Library Exhibit: Art expressing the concept of libraries and the archive of human knowledge. 

Midwest City Library 
Midwest City, OK (Oklahoma City) 

Exhibition: December 2016

photo: Midwest City Library