August 2, 2017

Art Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA

"Chronic Inflammation / Divine Healing"
mixed media w/ collage
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb  

Hoyt Gallery at the Keck School of Medicine (University of Southern California) in Los Angeles, CA presents “PAIN 2”, an international exhibition featuring artworks depicting physical and mental pain. "Our hope is this exhibit will give medical students a visual representation of what their future patients will be going though. We want them to see their patients as people, not just symptoms." I also participated in the first "PAIN" exhibit (2014) at UCLA. For info click here.

Exhibition Calendar:  September 1 – Oct 27, 2017

Photo: Keck School of Medicine, USC

Hoyt Gallery (Not the actual Pain 2 exhibit)
Photo: Ricardo Carrasco III

-   -   -

I was discussing my process of creating artwork with one of my collectors and decided to produce a short series of photos which provide a glimpse into the various stages. Each piece is a result of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of decisions and changes, some very subtle, others dramatic. Sometimes I begin with a quick drawing using pencil or watercolor marker (as in this artwork). More frequently I start by applying paint or collaged elements then use various media and techniques to bring the piece to resolution. This small artwork required approximately 26 actual working hours over a period of 3 days. (The slideshow loop is in 10 second intervals.)

"Chronic Inflammation / Divine Healing"
 © 2017 Gary A. Bibb   

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